Water Supply and Sanitation Policy in Developing Countries: Part 1

This course will examine current conditions and trends in water and sanitation services in low and middle income countries. Within it we will take a critical look at the underlying political, economic, social, and technical reasons why almost a billion people lack access to improved water supplies and almost 2 billion still do not have improved sanitation services.

What You Will Learn

Part 1: Problem Diagnosis – Lectures, Videos, Online discussion
Introduction – Current patterns and future trends in coverage of both network infrastructure and non-piped solutions in urban and rural areas of the low and middle income countries

  • Political Economy – Water markets, water vending systems, corruption
  • Supply – Technological options available and the associated costs of providing improved water and sanitation services
  • Demand – Understanding household water and sanitation behavior
  • Outcomes and climate change
  • Water Development Paths