Water treatment and management in Southeast Asia: The latest innovations

Children playing with water in an asian crop field from Sultan Ahmed

Southeast Asia is a region facing a number of challenges in terms of water resources. These challenges include water scarcity, pollution, and climate change. In order to meet the growing demand for water and to protect water quality, Southeast Asian countries are investing in new technologies and methods for water treatment and management. Some of […]

Drought Adaptation Techniques for Farmers in Southeast Asia

Illustration of a surface irrigation water

Heat waves and droughts are becoming more common in Southeast Asia due to climate change. These events can have a devastating impact on agriculture, which is a major source of food and income for the region. In order to adapt to these changing conditions, farmers need to adopt new practices that can help them to […]

Water scarcity in the Philippines

Water Contamination & Remediation South-East Asia - Asean-Water

Impacts of global changes in the water resources of the Philippines Water scarcity is a growing problem in Southeast Asia, and the Philippines is one of the most vulnerable countries in the region. The country is already experiencing the effects of climate change, such as more frequent and intense droughts, which are making it more […]

El Niño

El Nino picture for thumbnail

1.     What is El Nino phenomenon? El Niño is a weather phenomenon that occurs when there is a warming of the surface water in the Pacific Ocean, specifically in the region around the equator. This warming can disrupt normal weather patterns and cause changes in rainfall and temperature across the globe. El Niño typically occurs […]

Challenges of Climate change in SE Asia

Flooded city in South-East Asia.

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today, and Southeast Asia is no exception. The region is home to over 650 million people and some of the world’s most biodiverse ecosystems. However, climate change is putting these ecosystems and the people who depend on them at risk. This essay will explore […]

Eutrophication will increase during the 21st century

Eutrophication of the water of the Qaraoun Lake in Lebanon.

Sinha, E., Michalak, A.M. and Balaji, V. (2017) ‘Eutrophication will increase during the 21st century as a result of precipitation changes’, Science, 357(6349), pp. 405–408. doi:10.1126/science.aan2409. Eutrophication, or excessive nutrient enrichment, happens when water bodies are entirely or progressively enriched in nutrients, especially in Nitrogen (NO³¯ and NH4+ mainly) and Phosphorus (PO4³¯). This excessive increase […]

How to read scientific citations and verify the sources – A short guide

Scientific illustration

What do citations look like? All articles written on this website will follow the scientific notation for sources and citations, and especially the “Elsevier (with titles)” of the Harvard notation system. All citations in the text will be under the form: Figure 1:Form of the citations in the text. The form of the citations in […]