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We are a team of scientists with extensive knowledge and training


We partnered with reputable individuals and institutions to ensure reliable delivery of services


We tailor-fit the design of our services in order to achieve maximum positive results.
Water System

Diagnosis and remediation of contaminated sites and soils

Based on a recognized European methodology (AFNOR NF X31-620-2) for the management of potentially polluted sites, Asean-water offers a complete environmental audit, with a view to characterizing and managing subsoil pollution as well as its consequences on populations and communities surrounding water resources.
Water System

Soil and water contamination issues

The exploitation of a commercial or mining site, change of use of a property, or industrial disasters all contribute to the degradation of the environment.

Many situations require extensive diagnostics and remediation in order to mitigate the harmful effects on the population and the economic activities in the surroundings.

The first objective is to identify the contamination (hydrocarbons, heavy metals, arsenic, lead, among others), the methods of contamination (water and air), to be able to propose a suitable and personalized intervention and solutions for each site and each situation.


Consulting in water resources management

In a world governed by climate change, the constant increase in water needs for human consumption, agriculture, as well as significant industrialization, the management of access and water resources requires uncompromising expertise.

We propose to support individuals, communities, and various government bodies in their management of water resources anchored on sustainability and long-term development.