We Need You

How you can help Asean-Water

There are many ways to help and join us ! Discover how.

Are you an Asian citizen? Your testimony is essential, join the participative science

We would like to know about water quality in your place by answering a few questions

  • Do you have faucet water? If so, do you drink it?
  • Is your water clean and easily accessible?

Any data and pictures are important to us. You can also share your experiences in the forum with people from other Asian countries, seek and find and share solutions with them.

Why participative science?

Gathering data at different scales in 8 countries (Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia and Thailand) is extremly important to have a global vision of the issues about water and contaminations which can be useful to us, to scientific research, to NGO or governmental institutions

Mine entrance in the city of Oruro, Bolivia
Pumping system in a syrian refugee camp, Lebanon

Do you want to help spread knowledge?

There are different ways of spreading knowledge depending on the level of your participation

  • Speak about us, the bigger the community is, the wider our reach will be!
  • You can help with the translation of some articles in your dialect. With 8 countries and more than 100 languages in the ASEAN region, not all people can speak English, and translating is giving them the opportunity to access all the resources we give online.
  • Are you passionate about water sciences? You can help us write articles about topics you like about water in South-East Asia, or innovative concepts for water purification, treatment, and other related subjects.
  • You can organize events or courses about water resources in your municipality or university with our support. See our services for this. We will be pleased to assist you.

Do you have other competencies?

Do not hesitate if you wish to help us in any other way!

Asean-Water is above all, a community bound together by a common denominator – WATER!

WITHOUT YOU, we do not have any reason to exist, and together we can make changes in the world!

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